Sights by districts

Here sights of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region are arranged in groups by districts.


I’m adding districts as soon as any of sight of a district has been published.

Petrodvortsovy district



All sights of Saint-Petersburg

Leningrad region

Lomonosovsky district

All sights of Leningrad region

By distance from St. Petersburg

Leningrad region is almost as big as Portugal. That’s why I’ve sorted for your convenience its sights by distance from Saint-Petersburg.

Of course the time of trip will be affected by your choice of transport mean, its speed and unpredictable reasons like traffic jams, road works and sometimes by roads themselves as they tend to become worse. I start counting time from Ring road of St. Petersburg (its closest point to a sight):

Probably the other way of sorting can be more convinient for your purposes:


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