GPS coordinates: 59°50’55.1″N 29°52’47″E (59.848631, 29.879726)

Entrance to the territory: Free

The sketch of the future Belveder palace was drawn by Emperor Nicholas I in 1850. Soon eclecticism style palace was erected by architect A.I. Stakenschneider on Babigon hill (part of Lugovoy park). The name of palace means the main idea of building Belveder: the palace offers a view to all surroundings.

Entrance from the park

After the revolution in 1917 the palace was turned to a pension. Then, during World War II, the building was seriously damaged. A lot of monuments and sculptures were lost – their pedestals still remain next to Belveder. Restoration works were held in 1953-1956. Also there was built a semicircle sanatorium in retrospectivism manner at the same time.

Nowadays the building of sanatorium was converted to a hotel. And Belveder plays a role of banquet hall and royal decorations for weddings. If you are curious to see, what’s inside of today’s hotel – just check its page at Anyway you are free to approach both buildings and even walk on the staircase of Belveder without staying at the hotel.

Belveder palace is beautifully decorated with caryatids created by sculptor A.I. Terebenyov
A path
Once upon a time this path in Lugovoy park used to be a wide road that led to Belveder palace
Hotel building
Retrospectivism style sanatorium building that surrounds Belveder palace
View to the church
View to St. Alexandra’s church from the palace

View to pond from Babygon hill

View to one of the ponds of Peterhof’s fountain system from Babygon hillBelveder palace in sunset rays

Sunset at Belveder palace
Here’s a good point to catch sunset


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